This is an Office of Architecture based in Beirut, Lebanon.

The Office works on projects that are commissioned by the market, exploring the ways in which "pop" architecture can be modified from the status quo - especially in non-high-end contexts. 

In parallel, the Office pursues projects that address social concerns, aiming to convert potential into built work, servicing the community it sits in. 

OMAYA portrait 1- LT.jpg

Principal architect

Omaya achieved her Bachelor's degree in Architecture from the American University of Beirut in 2009. She went on to work with Raed Abillama Architects for 2 years before leaving to pursue her Master's of Science in Advanced Architecture from the Barcelona Institute of Architecture, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, in 2012. 

In addition to her work, Omaya also teaches part-time at the American University of Beirut, and the Lebanese American University.