Mashrou Leila - Ehdeniyat Festival

Ehden, Lebanon | 2017

A stage design showcasing the urgency of plastic waste in Lebanon and in the Mediterranean, designed and executed with architecture students of the Design Impact Laboratory in the American University of Beirut, for the internationally acclaimed band Mashrou Leila in the Ehdeniyat festival. This was part of the #balaplastic campaign in collaboration with Green Peace and Recycle Lebanon.

Design Impact Laboratory

The Design Impact Laboratory (DI-Lab) is a course designed to engage a group of young architects and engineers in designing and implementing community-based projects in Lebanon. It is a one-of-a-kind platform that provides design and engineering services intending to improve the living conditions of marginalized and neglected communities. It aims for a participatory process that engages the beneficiaries and users in order to incubate sustainable development. DI-LAB is organized by the American University of Beirut, Department of Architecture and Design and the Center of Civic Engagement and Community Services (CCECS).  The platform solicits projects, prepares the brief and secures the funding for implementation. 

Instructors: Karim Najjar (Professor), Omaya Malaeb

Teaching assistant: Mohamad Nazar

Students:   Lana Barakeh  .  Leen Nadar  .  Mira Al-Jawhary  .  Nella Abi Khalil  .  Nirvana Kobeissi  . Omar Darwiche  .  Taha Barazy  

Photography by Lorenzo Tugnoli